The Situation

Mr. Burton is a 97-year-old, World War II veteran. He lived alone for many years until one day, when getting up to receive a phone call, he fell and broke his hip. After Mr. Burton received rehabilitation, his son Eddie and his daughter-in-law Molly couldn’t fathom the thought of him going back to his house and having that happen again. Eddie and Molly agreed that the best arrangement would be for him to come live with them, so they converted their basement into an in-law suite. Even with Mr. Burton staying with them, they felt uneasy leaving him alone in the house. Before Smart Solutions they couldn’t attend church together because one of them always stayed with Mr. Burton.

The Smart Solution

Smart Solutions installed four cameras in the suite: living room, hallway, main bedroom and spare bedroom. Eddie and Molly can check on Mr. Burton at all times, whether they are running errands, at a doctor’s appointment, or going to church. They are able to do this because the cameras broadcast real-time video footage of Mr. Burton to their smart phones and laptops. Mr. Burton also has a fall pendent that he wears around his neck. The fall pendent is pre-programmed to sequentially call Eddie, Molly, the house landline, then 911, rolling to the next number if no one answers.

The Outcomes

Prior to Smart Solutions, Eddie and Molly were nervous to leave the house. They had changed their entire lifestyle to care for Mr. Burton. With the installation of four cameras and smart phone monitoring technology, the Burtons now have peace of mind knowing that Mr. Burton is always just a click away. Mr. Burton is enjoying his independence, with the comforting knowledge that they are always there to help him, if need be.

“This is a lifesaver. Because of Smart Solutions, we were able to go on vacation for the first time in 9 years!” – Eddie