“When my husband’s dad fell and broke his hip, caring for him meant that we were really confined to the house. We heard of Smart Solutions when searching for products to help us out. We talked with Kevin Braswell with Smart Solutions and he helped us find the technological solutions we needed to keep an eye on dad and give us some much needed free time. Kevin installed 3 cameras in dad’s apartment and we got a neck alarm so if he fell, he could just press a button and it would call one of us or 911.

We have been so happy with this program. We have been able to go back to Bible Study and church, go shopping together, and occasionally go out to eat. With our smart phones, we’re able to keep an eye on dad from wherever we are. This has really been a blessing for us. Thank you Kevin for introducing us to your technology.”

– Molly & Eddie Burton

“I was first introduced to Kevin several years ago by a co-worker who had recently met him at a conference. I was immediately drawn to his enthusiasm and desire to help improve individual’s quality of life, safety, and participation in desired activities through the application of technology. I have now had the pleasure of working alongside Kevin for over a year developing something that we had dreamed of a while back, but needed someone with more knowledge, experience, and technical training to help pull things together. We have been thoroughly pleased by Kevin’s responsiveness, commitment, and availability. He has been a tremendous resource for us and trust that he will continue to be such for us and many others in the community.”

– Rhett Wheeler, PT, DPT