Smart Care is an affordable alternative to an independent living facility.

Independent living facilities can cost over $18,000 per year. At a fraction of that cost, Smart Care can make your existing home a safe and viable option.

Smart Care will allow you to stay in your home and live independently.

With state-of-the-art wireless sensors, we can easily retrofit almost any home to increase safety and peace of mind.

Smart Care will simplify your life and make your existing home more convenient.

Smart Care technology controls all of your home’s systems from one easy to use remote control or touch screen.

Smart Care is a complete solution that allows you to manage your home or support your loved ones remotely.

Our CareLink service allows homeowners or loved ones to access home controls and cameras from any internet connection using a securely encrypted login. Whether you are in a different city or have just run to the store, Smart Care allows you to remotely check in from any computer or smart phone. CareLink can even send email alerts if an incident occurs in the home.

Smart Care can increase the value of your home while promoting energy efficiency.

With Smart Care, energy bills can be reduced by as much as 20% through automated HVAC and lighting controls. Plus, our system adds to your home’s value as more homebuyers are seeking these options.