If you are a caregiver and worry a family member may forget to turn off the iron or the lights, you can check on this online. You can even turn off the iron or lights via the Care Link remote login capability.

Additionally, the Smart Care system enables advanced rule setting with decision-making capabilities. For instance, if a family member opens the door after 7:00 at night, you can create a rule to be notified by e-mail or text message that the door is opened.

The possibilities for these types of rules are really limitless and we will walk you through a detailed interview process to think think through when and how you would like to be notified when the different events occur.

The on-site set-up for the Smart Care system is very simple. In-home broadband internet and telephone connections are required. Once online, you can view current rules, make rule changes, view the current system status, and view historical data and events.