“I started Smart Solutions with a goal to provide home automation solutions at a lower price point so that more people could benefit from home technology. About four years into my new endeavor, I experienced the second of two strokes. I have fully recovered, but these experiences have given me valuable insight into the challenges those with mobility deficits face each day.

My experience has also motivated me to focus on using home automation solutions as an “Assistive Technology” to aid those who wish to live more independently. I have made it
my goal to provide affordable and reliable solutions that promote independent living.

Using state-of-the-art technologies, we provide solutions that enable you to manage your living environment – doors, lighting, climate, security, cameras, and more – all from an easy-to-use touch panel. Using a straightforward design, the program options can easily be designed to meet your specific needs. Our system also provides a Caregiver Solution
that allows a caregiver to remotely log in to check on a loved one.”

The only limitation is your imagination!

– Kevin Braswell, Owner


Smart Solutions is an Assistive Technology company specializing in price to functionality benefits. We offer pre-built automation packages, but we are also happy to customize a solution to fit your specific needs.

Personal Attention

We pride ourselves on taking the time to educate consumers and provide them with the right technology to exceed their expectations.


The technicians at Smart Solutions are experts in installation. We spend extra time and detail to get things right. We also partner with educated suppliers who can provide superior support and expertise.

Commitment to Research and Development

Smart Solutions believes in continual innovation.We are dedicated to providing leading edge products that are customizable to meet our clients’ needs.


We offer affordable home solutions that work. There are many flashy, overpriced options in the home automation industry. With Smart Solutions you will get practical products that match your needs and make your life

At Smart Solutions, we realize that every individual has unique needs. That’s why we offer three “build your own” customizable packages for our clients.

Smart Care 10

Includes the Smart Care controller, touch screen software, and your choice of any 10 wireless components.

Smart Care 20

Includes the Smart Care controller, touch screen software, and your choice of any 20 wireless components.

Smart Care 30

Includes the Smart Care controller, touch screen software, and your choice of any 30 wireless components.

Wireless Components:

  • Thermostat* Light/Appliance Plug Light Switch
  • Door Lock*
  • Motion Detector Camera
  • Door Sensor
  • Fall Pendant
  • Button Switch

*Maximum of 2 thermostats and 2 door locks per pack- age. Additional items also available a la carte.