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  • Smart Homes, Smarter Living

    Smart Solutions is a solutions company specializing in price to functionality benefits. We offer pre-built automation packages, but we are also happy to customize a solution to fit your specific needs.

  • Healthcare

    Our flagship solution, Smart Care, uses eye tracking technology to facilitate easy control of nurse call, room lighting, shades, and TV in the inpatient hospital setting.

  • AAC Solutions Integration

    With our custom control solutions, clients with existing AAC devices from Tobii, Dynavox, PRC, and Grid 2 can now easily control their home lighting, climate, locks, shades, doors, and more without having to purchase a new touch screen.

  • Keyfob Convenience

    Control Smart Care from a keyfob solution. No need to have an iPhone or iPad handy to control your home. We can easily program your system for a "good bye" scene that unlocks and opens your door, turns out all of the lights, adjusts the HVAC, and activates the security system - all from one button on your keyfob.

  • Apple iOS and Android

    Our most common interface is the Apple iOS or Android solution. Easily control your home from your phone or tablet and have the convenience and peace of mind and automated can provide.

Smart Care Hub

Smart Home

Smart Care

Smart Care is an easy-to-use product suite developed by Smart Solutions to enable independent living. Our goal is to make it possible to remain at home safely and comfortably. Smart Care empowers homeowners and provides a proven solution to promote safety, peace of mind, and efficient control of your home environment. Learn more about Smart Care.

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Smart Cart

Smart Cart

Smart Cart is a portable Smart Care system that incorporates Environmental Controls, Gaming, Computer Access, and Audio Video components. Smart Cart is designed for a hospital or rehabilitation environment and can easily be moved between rooms providing a mobile solution perfect for providing patients a more comfortable inpatient experience. Get the details about Smart Cart.

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Our Brochure

Our Brochure

Smart Solutions has created an electronic brochure for a portable version of our website. For complete Smart Care photos and videos, download the catalog to your PC or Windows tablet and take our information with you to show friends, family, and colleagues. Contact us for a version that is compatible with your iPad, Kindle, Nook, and e-reader devices too!

Our Brochure

Contact us today

Call us today for a no-cost consultation from one of our team members. Smart Solutions staff regularly conducts in-home assessments as well as in-service events for professionals to demonstrate how Smart Care technology can help with independent living. - With Smart Care, your only limitation is your imagination!

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Our Blog

  • 09.18.15

    ALS Symposium

    Smart Solutions product shots

    We are registered for this years Alabama ALS Symposium Conference in Birmingham on September 23rd. All of our Assistive Technology products will be on display – including our environmental control system that can open shades, turn on/off lights, door openers/locks, climate, TV, and more using and iPad or eye tracking technology.


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  • 07.14.15

    Rett Syndrome Alliance – 2015 Conference

    We are registered for this years Southeastern Rett Syndrome Alliance – 2015 Conference on Saturday August 1st at The Ross Bridge Conference Center in Birmingham, AL .  All of our Assistive Technology products will be on display, including our Tobii/Dynavox and Eye Tech Digital Systems integration that can open shades, turn on/off room lights, TV, open doors/locks, and more using eye tracking technology.  Bring your device to the expo and we can show you how this functionality can be added to your existing AAC tablet!

    Grid 2 IntegrationQuick ACCESS IntegrationApple and Android Solution
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  • 04.14.15

    Critical Care Expo – Booth 1310 – May 19th to May 21st

    We are registered for this years Critical Care Expo in San Diego from May 19th to May 21st.  All of our Assistive Technology products will be on display, including our Healthcare system that can call the nurse, open shades, turn on/off room lights, TV, and more using eye tracking technology.

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  • AOTA Booth Information – Booth 121

    Come by and see us if you are in the Nashville area on April 16th to April 19th at the AOTA Conference and Expo.   All of our technology products will be on display, including our Healthcare system that can call the nurse, open shades, turn on/off room lights, TV, and more using eye tracking technology and the iOS interface.

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  • 02.06.15

    Legacy Systems Integration

    Not just for new tablets! Our Research and Development team has found that legacy systems from manufacturers such as Dynavox, Tobii, and FRS running a Windows operating system and a wireless network connection can easily be upgraded with our environmental controls systems.  ALSO, if you use the Grid2, Words+, or Jabbla Mind Express we can load our software as well and control devices around the home such as lighting, appliances, thermostats, door locks, security, cameras, and more – all using your existing communications grids.  The REAL power is our ability to group tasks together and control multiple functions such as a GOODNIGHT button that locks the doors, turns the lights off, activates the security system, adjust the thermostat, and more!

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